The secret Big update Nov. 19 scroll down

I dont normally post in wip but their is a first time for everything or a second. Anyway I still plan to add a lot to this pic. The reason it is textured and their is still much more modeling to do is just because I like to texture as I go. So here it is I plan to add a window and some furniture.

Tell me what you think of it so far and what you think it needs including objects I could add to the room.



Looks good, but the camera being on an angle makes it hard to take a good look at it.

I’d say the trap door could be thiner with planks of wood going go to hold it together, and work ong the hinge things a bit.

At this point, I can’t really tell what the scene is (location, etc.), but I’ll follow it as best I can %|

The camera angle irks me. And I would either make the trap door longer and wider or I’d minimize the thickness of the planks. It looks pretty clunky. It also looks like those poor hinges are about to snap.

I love the texturing on the planks, though.

Here is a update. Since the trap door didnt go so well with the critics:). I didnt like it that much myself. I decided to change the theme. It should make sense by the next update. I also changed the camera angle and add a window.

thats it and lets get some more replying than last time. Tell me what you think.



I like your textures, maybe the vertical stripes on the door are a bit too pronounced. I’m not sure, I don’t really get a feel for what material it is.

The ventilation intake looks cool, but doesn’t go very well with the heavy door that has a medieval fortress kind of feel to it. Maybe it’ll all make sense to me as you progress with the scene.

Here is a pretty big update. I added another window, the shelf, the stuff on the shelf, the box, and the lock on the box, and made some major lighting changes. So here it is.

Please give some feedback no one seems to be giving me any comments other than a couple people. If you have any ideas on what to add into the room object wise(oops my english teacher just told me never to use the word wise like that oh well :stuck_out_tongue: ). I want to add more objects to the room to make the scene more complete.



Looking good, would benefit from some atmospheric lighting. All the textures blend into each other, giving the image no sense of scale or depth.

object wise (sounds ok to me but I’m not an english teacher) I would add a doorknob, some device to open windows, maybe a chair.
textures and lighting need something like robdollar says everything (walls especially ) seem to run together. I can’t tell if its one wall or a corner or a ceiling. The scene is comeing along nicely but needs some minor tweaking try for some more contrast between light and shadow.

Their is no ceiling. Thats jsut the wall lol. The way the light angles down it I guess made it look like a ceiling.