The Seeker WIP


(robocyte) #1

Time to create a WIP thread for my oldest project. It started with an idea in 2006, still using Maya at that time.
Over the years I came back and brought it to Blender, reworked various parts of the model but never found the time to finish it.
Porting older projects over to 2.8 alpha, I decided to finally bring it to an end.

Textures were done in Photoshop and Substance Painter, Sculpting in Zbrush, everything else Blender

Latest test:

2.8 Viewport 1:

Environment test:

(Joseph) #2

The skull look great but its too simple to kill it, don’t believe you? :dart:

(robocyte) #3

New env and lighting test, getting there…

(yogyog) #4

That is a genuinely disturbing image! well done! And it can be good to look back at old projects and re-work them.

(robocyte) #5

Environment update - Textures done in Substance Painter:

(robocyte) #6

Tweaked the lighting and made the ground: