The Seeker

It’s more than 10 years that I had the idea for this creature. Since then, I worked on it every now and then, but always had to start over because I wasn’t happy with what I had come up before. A few weeks ago I finally sat down and finished it.

Sculpting was done in ZBrush, everything else Blender 2.8 and Cycles


Detail shots:


ok … i think i am not going to sleep today !!!
nice work on that !!!

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Thanks alf0!

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Here’s a quick turntable animation:

Hot damn, that’s a really nice render, looks amazing mate,
keep up the good work.

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Thanks ninochan!

Wow. I’m usually not the type to go for a sculpt like this, but man I can appreciate your work here! Glad you finally sat down and finished it. What gave you the inspiration for this a decade ago?

this looks cool. I like horrorstuff like that.

Riggin an animating could make this even better. I can already imagine this heart organ shaking around and bouncing :slight_smile:

Thanks deadpin! I think it was when I visited a HR Giger exhibition in Vienna, mixed with my medical background - I was still studying medicine back then - that I got the idea.

Thanks ToxicTuba - Since I’ve built a rig to pose it, I’ll definitely play around with it!

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

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Thanks a lot Bart!

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