the sentinal of onyx

while reading ghosts of onyx an idea came to me… (also when people on my other fourm said that we should make pics from halo books…)

this is a quick render / scene with my sentinal… explotion in photoshop…

im still kinda noob with textures… but im learning…

still a lot to do… but i was bored and decided i’d like some harsh critique… any good links for texturing tuts would be nice too :frowning:

heres the sentinal

The sentinel looks pretty cool, but maybe add some Halo-style flair - it looks like something from an anime series.
As for the scene, the thing it wants is detail. Trees, for a start. It looks like most of the terrain and sky were done only in Photoshop, in 2d. If you used a mesh for the terrain, it would look much better.

actually everything other than the explotion is in blender

i will be adding trees… a bunker… more sentinals… and be making the scene much larger… this was just a quick test of seeing if i could get the sentinal to look right in a scene

i have the sentinal pictured as described in the book… i cant really go and change from what was described… cause its a halo fourmn that im doing this for