The Sentinals...somewhere in Orion's Belt.

This was inspired by a dream I had about 30 years ago.
Hope you like it.

Comments and critiques welcome.


is the rock a textured plane? I like the rocks in the background.

Did you make the human? is the human you?

I like it, it’s just hard to choose what to focus on, but I guess if it’s a dream… interesting dream!

if you have been told that your games will never be as good as another contact me i have n ultimate game idea but i do not know how to program or make games

grizato: Thanks. The foreground rock that the guy is standing on is with several image textures. The background rocks are
just regular procedural textures. The human is just simple modeled human, I think from makehuman. The dog I made myself.
Also, in the dream, I took the picture, while my brother, and his dog were there waving good bye to his wife on the shuttle,
as they were going back to the planet above. Hope this helps, and thanks again.