The Sequel To The Greatest Render Of All Time

You guys asked for it… it is now “SUSPENDED 6 SIDED POLYGON FALLING IN SPACE”! It is not only a completely nonsensical name, but it is also a ground breaking feat that has never been attempted in the blender game engine as we know it. I have given you the amazing render quality of “6 side polygon suspend in space” and put it, or artistically crafted it straight into the blender game engine! I have also managed to make it react realistically to a totally realistic world. You’ll be amazed at the startlingly real objects that I have made it fall through! the current environment is a completely realistic cave! enjoy the future of superb blending, courtesy of rdvon!
Download The Future!

Can’t deny it, this is a Blender classic.

You know, I think this is in the wrong forum. It should be in WIP Focused Crit. of Finished Projects.

P.S. This one is probably going to get locked too

lol, probably.

lol, I only posted this on the off-topic forum because I didnt want to clutter the forums with this… If you didnt know its a joke taht originated from this:

I understand it’s a joke, but to other users, doing this kind of stuff makes you look 1. stupid, 2. immature, and/or 3. like a spammer.

I reccomend you don’t continue this kind of stuff.

Ah, I see that Toomai thinks you have all the qualifications of a professional comedian, rdvon. You make us laugh while making yourself look stupid or immature. You should go for a spot on network television.

eyes start to water and voice breaks I have faith in you. You can do great things if you try.

I’m sorry if I have caused any inconvenience toomai. But I do not care, you just don’t have a rational understanding in my art, or art in general

This was quite a feat on my part. Do you realize how hard it is to get the shading on that cube perfect??? And don’t even get me started on extruding the cube to look like a perfect cave!

I am quite ashamed of you toomai, I thought people would understand my work!

Thanks for appreciating my work shadowabne, and as I understand you have also seen my skills in making others laugh. My writing is pretty witty! :wink:

Not Funny.