The Shader Library - Tutorial Result

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you the recent Add-on The Shader Library.

Preview here.

This was the result of the last tutorial “How to create an Add-on” and though it’s not meant to be serious, if you guys like it we could look at developing it further. If you want to download the Add-on you can find the link in our blog post here.

If you would like to see how to create your own Add-on you can check out the Scripting Playlist here. This Series is aimed at beginners and made by a beginner.

I am still new to Python and scripting in general. That being said, I wanted to share with those who (like me) have thought that the idea of creating an add-on is beyond them.

I went from not knowing anything, to developing the Darkfall VFX Nodes Add-on that now has over 5000 downloads. At first it was a mess and with each new version it got a little better.

The VFX Nodes Add-on is pretty basic. It takes some of the hassle out of creating certain effects like, the Sci-fi Eyes, Eye Color Change, Glitch Effect, Sketch Effect and more.

You can check out the blog page here.

I still have a long way to go but I hope to inspire you guys to start creating your own awesome add-ons!.


I’m surprised you haven’t gotten any replies for this post. Don’t let that discourage you. It could be that people couldn’t tell it’s a programming tutorial from the title of your post. I had to do a search on this forum to find it. Just keep at it and maybe the youtube algorithm will recognize the quality of your work.


I was just thinking earlier today how id like to code a couple of compositor nodes, I’ll have to check these out!

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Hey thanks for saying so!. I think (as you mentioned), the Post Title doesn’t help. I’m terrible at naming things…

As long as someone finds these videos helpful I will certainly continue, but again I appreciate the support!.

Hey Niklas, I would just note that I am still pretty new to python and scripting in general.

If you want to script a Shader addon, click here

if you want to create a Custom Node Group for the Compositor, click here

There are some other videos that might be helpful such as;

  • Adding a Keyframe and Modifier to a Shader.
  • Creating a Pop up Dialog Box

You can find the Scripting Playlist here