The Sheathed Jian(剑)

Hey guys, I finished modeling a jian, which is the Chinese double edged straight sword. I got my inspiration for this from movies. I’m Chinese, so I basically grew up watching kung fu and wuxia movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Jet Li movies. So one day I came up with the idea to model this.

I used one texture from and thats about it. I wanted to keep the sword clean, because it hasn’t seen battle. I used blender internal to render it and it took about 2 1/2 minutes to render. It was also composited with the nodes in blender.


Hmmm… It’s accurate, except for the hilt. On the cross guard there should be some embossing because they usually like to decorate it a bit. Sorry, I’m so nit-picky, I just made one one time.

Haha, thanks for the critique, no need to apologize. Well it depends on what type you modeled. I modeled a simple one, because there are some details I’m not ready to model yet, such as the ones with the amazing etchings of gold dragons. But I picked a simple reference photo of a jian made for taichi

Aye… True enough. I guess I don’t look at enough types =)

Its alright, I probably don’t either. I agree with you it’d probably be a lot more better looking if I did what you said. Thanks for the feedback and critique :slight_smile: