The Shift+Ctrl+V command doesn't work?

I know this command is supposed to past my current pose in reverse, but it seems to just jumble up the armatures/skeleton; even though I know it flips on the x-axis and accommodated, it’s still a mess. Anyone know why this is? Please and thank you. -Zacrye

Just tried with the default Rigify human rig and it works correctly.
Therefore it’s most likely something wrong with your rig. Post a link to your blend file so someone is able to look at it.

Ensure your Armature Origin point is 0,0,0 (apply location) then try again. If you are using Rigify then it shouldn’t misbehave.

Im getting the same problem. I try to create a set of walking keyframes. I finish the first set of keyframes. Than after I copy and try to paste using the control shift v hotkeys it doesn’t turn out right. Here is a screenshot of what I tried: Can anyone please help me? Here is my file: Scene6.blend (3.3 MB)