the shift f function

when yourt in camera mode num 0 and you press shift f you can move the camera as if it were a fps type deal and clicking will move like a space ship in a sence is there a way to easly record the movement over a set amount of frames for the camera as made by the shift f motion

for example over 300 frames i want it to fly in to a tube that curves and such
can i just record the motion of the flyby or do i have to stop every so often and add a nother keyframe

there was a nother post on the shift f function but i cant find it

no, you’ll have to stop, keyframe, advance frames, fly mode, repeat…

awwww ehh oh well it was worth a shot though

i do wonder if maybe a script could be made to do what was suggested

eg a setting for how many frames will pass befor a keyframe is inserted
a button to enable the feature

somthing simple like that

i dont know python so i thought maybe some one may be able to do somthing with that idea if not oh well cant lame me for trying

if this can be done though just think of the flybys you can do SO easly
you can make the perfect space flyby or walk throu

ok enough if my jabbering lol

You must have missed Cambo’s momentous announcement:


why yes … yes i did miss it but thanks

ill check it out