The Shining Carpet Material

Hey all, this isn’t an ad for Blendkit, but I got a kick out of this. I’m working on a product shot mimicking a shot in The Shining, and I was looking to re-create the iconic carpeting from the film. Easy enough, it’s all over Google…

Well, it’s actually easier! Because some brilliant nerd already packed it default in Blendkit. I searched ‘carpet’ in Blendkit, and boom, there is a shader already there for free. Haahah! Love it. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so iconic.

If you have Blendkit add-on, try it!

Cheers all!

I searched in google images and found some nice textures, however it would not even come into my mind searching it in Blender Kit as a material shader.

But is really funny how luck works and when you do something you find the right ingredients (or should I say “materials”) to make it work.

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