The Ship from the Planet Beyond (A short film)

I used Blender extremely heavily for the 3D work. I also used cinegobs for the chroma keying (which turned out bad because it was not done very well, or perhaps because you can’t really do that very well with sd cameras, IDK), voodoo for the camera tracking (only 1 shot), audacity for some audio recording and other audio processing, soundtrack pro for the serious violin music, microsoft ICE for the panorama photo stitching, and Pinnacle Studio 10 to put it all together along with some other effects.

Here is a much higher quality version:

kind of like district 9, eh? :slight_smile:

Yeah, kind of. Especially with the “feel sorry for aliens” part.

Check out the new link because it is preferred!

That’s very good ! I enjoyed watching your film, it’s really well executed.

I agree, I enjoyed it also. It told the story very well, and overall had a very good vibe (production theme).

that tank looked so real! i was like d’oh ****! when the peace note fell out, and the ships came.