The Ship

I did this one last year and never showed you guys, it was my first attempt at Bump Mapping, which I’ve gotten considerably better at since then.

Everything except the sun was done in Blender, I realised it was missing something after I rendered it, so went in with Photoshop and added the sun.

OSA needs to be a little higher, and ship is on the shiny side. But other than that, it’s pretty good!

Pretty good, I like the lens flare :slight_smile:

The nose of the ship looks a little unfinished, a litte square to me. The back part of the ship, the ring, looks a little to large for the rest of the ship, either make it smaller or make it thinner I would say.

The lens flare is good, but it doesn’t seam to match the lighting on the ship itself. Judging from the to bumps on the front of the ship, it appears the the light source is coming from above and to the back of the ship, plus there are no shadows from the lens flare which appears t obe coming from behind the ship and to the side.

Also, where are the stars? Or are you compensating for the camera irus :wink:

…mmm, just looking at it now it looks like the light source is coming from the top, aka from the lens flare, I had the impression it was like a bright sun or something.

Ypu could work some more on the booster on the side of the ship, it looks a little too much like a grey cone to me, maybe add some curve to it…

Keep improving it and it will look great.

Look how bright the sun is. Anything that bright would wash out the stars.

I agree with ya there, but how small is the sun if its that close to the ship, unless the ship is HUGE - which is probably isn’t due to the texture detail. 8)

I actually like the model and the bump mapping. I think the only thing throwing us off is the inconsistency between the lens flare and the direction of the lighting on the ship.

The best solution would be to go back into Blender and recreate ligthing and the lens flare there rather than in Photoshop. One strong lamp for the lightsource of the sun + one tiny object with large size halo (star and rings) material applied + one single vertex object with halo lens flare material applied … that should do the trick.

That plus a little AO and the new OSA features should take this image to a whole new level.