the Ship

Another one of my weird ideas. This one may be too simplistic. >.<





This was inspired from a scene in Miyazaki’s “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”.

Comments? Crits? Thoughts? :slight_smile:

I think the second one is a better image.

Nice work, though I thought that movie was a bit of a disapointment.

why is it so pixelated and grainy? also i can see like artifacts on the background image, you might want to fix that.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

@Fake: I think I would agree. I like the second one more, anyway. :wink:

@Keith M: You’ve seen it as well? Ultimately, I thought it was a disappointment as well. But it gave me a bunch of cool ideas. :wink:

@AdamTM: Thanks for your thoughts. My idea was to make the image feel sandy and dry… Do you think I overplayed the graininess? I think the artifacts you’re seeing are part of my overlay image as well, though I may be mistaken.

I did another render, trying to balance the image a bit more. I think I like this one the best:

Thoughts? Comments? Crits?

Getting Better :}

Well, i think the composition and the idea is pretty thoughtful. Generally, the pic is impressive! :wink:

I dont like some to details of implementation… The man walking down the ship is a way posing, I think. The stick - it should not be so away of him if he uses it for walking… The cloth shows a wind, which is NOT seen (dust cloud) at front. Steps are some how in-proportional at front - too big distance and not showing the reduce in distance in perspective view. I live to see the step-prints at front more contrast (as soon as there is NOT wind/dust shown). If you stick to the idea of having wind in the scene (ref.: man cloth) you should show some dust cloud at front. You can safe your efforts to showing the dust at back or at middle cause it wont be seen anyway :spin:

I like the ship! But not its upper part (LEFT part on the pic). I.e. if you simply remove this non-cylindrical section, the ship will look better to my prospective! We would still be able to see that it has crashed there some centuries ago, I think… :slight_smile:


Very nice, prefer the top one.

@Abidos: Now that’s some useful critiquing. :wink: I’ll go back to the file and see if I can get another render done. :slight_smile:

excellent work, great concept…and moody. perhaps get rid of the noise and up the resolution? :slight_smile:

Couple of thoughts – pure picture-making thoughts:

  • It’s never really okay, IMHO, for there to be an expanse of detail-less black; nor white. Ansel Adams wrote a lot about this with his “Zone System,” which actually has a firm grounding in the printing world. Our eyes can “see in the dark,” so to speak: media can’t. We don’t like to see opaque dark places that we can’t see into, not only because it’s not realistic with regard to what we can see in real life, but because there might be a tiger in there.
  • I suggest that you take this picture and, with a few dark pieces of paper, start cropping. “Crop the hell out of it.” If the picture is about the person, get up-close and personal. If he’s walking toward the dark place, show enough of it to make the point. But we don’t need one-third of the vertical image-space to be taken up showing us “this is a beach” or “look at the beautiful sunset.” Given enough suggestion of those things, we can imagine that in our mind’s eye. Less is more: “crop, crop, crop.”
  • “The Rule of Thirds.”

Very strong and interesting scene! I like it. I really like both renders. !!!

Nice work, though I thought that movie was a bit of a disapointment

Are we talking about Miyazaki’s “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”?
So sorry for being disappointed guys. I really love all Miyazaki’s movies. Disappointment comes from a different place here, from a place where movies like ‘avatar’ are considered as the best movies ever. Almost.
As Thax says “But it gave me a bunch of cool ideas” and this is good. Its exactly where avatar fails. No cool ideas, no new ideas.