The Shire

Hello guys here is the scene that I just finished. I used Blender and Internal render with composting.
I hope you like it :slight_smile:

looks pretty good in my opinion. A little too sharp maybe, and I would have loved to see a softer lighting/shadows in corners, some color variation with an ao pass (long ray distance) maybe, so textures react more to the environment… (for example mud in corner walls).

Great job! I agree with the too sharp comment. I love the textures you used. Perhaps a different sky, it seems blown out.

It looks like it came from an illustrated sketchbook featuring the story of the hobbit. If this was your intent, then you did a decent job (though perhaps some of the textures don’t quite make it all the way there in terms of sharpness).

Thanks for the comments, i shall fix some issues in upcoming update…

I replaced a new version of the image at top of the thread. Again thanks all for comments.

Well done. I agree with Ace Dragon, it looks like illustration or even like in-game scene, but I like it that way :slight_smile:

Much nicer!

Nice piece! It seems quite stylized… did you use any bump mapping (just out of interest)?

To me … hype-clarity is how I would wish to experience the Shire …should I find myself there…very nice…bet that was fun.

It’s “too hot.” It’s “too blue.” It’s too contrasty. The modeling is excellent, but the lighting is blown-out.

The real world is full of all sorts of subtlety … and a lot of red and green.

Svaka cast…extra…slucajno odem na tvoj sajt i pogledam original sliku i tek onda vidim koliko je dobro…ovde na forumu je ocaj od kvaliteta…
Jedina moja zamerka,je na ono lisce u donjem desnom uglu…nekako ni samo lisce ni texture mi nisu nesto…ostatak je perfektan…
Inace moj prvi post…:yes:
Cu nagrabusim sto pisem na srpskom:yes:
Excelent…so nice and cartoonish…keep it up…

I kind of think there is a lack on camera effects like depth of field and lens distortion. Not taking camera effects like that into account can seriously make a well modeled and lit object look fake (I had to learn this somewhat the hard way before finding a tutorial online over the matter. Starkly changed my stuff from a seemingly unrealistic picture to a relatively believable photo…even though they were still made up obviously).
i’d add that in if you haven’t already. Outside of that, brilliant piece of work ;).

Thanks for comments I just update the image with slight change :slight_smile: I will leave it as a illustration game render for now.

Looks awesome! A little to sharp on the lighting need to soften and maybe some world haze? Just a new guy giving an opinion. Looks awesome though.


I like this scene ! The grass has a John Howe touch. Congratulation.
As previously said, the light could be better. Remember this nice Blender institute project :

keep digging, it will be a great render.

:DA very pleasing image! Makes me smile!