the shish

here is a new creature I am working on a shish (a shark and fish)
I need help with making an underwater environment
without yafray and on a mac. I also need help woth some sort of eyelids
here is the render:
here is a wire:


But… Sharks ARE fish… :-?

Anyway, very cute little character. For an underwater environment you want to follow these instructions. Its a little dated but the basics seem to be there and it should help you out.

ah I tried that tutorial but I cant use the caustics generator or the plugins
cause I am on a mac.
thanks anyway
Edit: oops I just noticed I forgot to put in the second eye!

You should at least try the textured spot lamp trick. Others will testify that this is a very effective (and fast) technique for faking the desired effect. For the ‘blue hue’ you can put a plane directly in front of the camera with the alpha turned down and a clouds texture over it. I’ve had some success with this in these sorts of situations.

you are working on ashish ?

i don’t understand ? :smiley:

best bet for faking caustics is to apply a cloud texture to the main lamp in the scene, it then casts the texture light over everthing, simulating caustics.

Oh, and could I have a shish kebab please? :smiley:


here is a try at underwater my problem is the water needs some density and I dont know how to do that.
C&C are very welcome

Two things: You need to press “set smooth” on your ground mesh, and perhaps subsurf it. Secontly: if you want density you’re venturing into the realm of volumetrics. To ccomplish this you can try to turn on the halo effect for a spot lamp to render this “fog”, you can turn on Mist, or you can use the volumetrics technique described in the documentation. Let me know if you need more help with these.

on the plane I have sunbsurf and setsmooth on
and thanks for the help I will try the halo