The Shoemaker

The Shoemaker.
Blender cycles 8100 samples and only a single light source. (hdri and light portal).
My thanks to Blender FB group users who has contributed to this project and in particular Neil Gomersall and Aureo de la Cruz for their point of view.

Better res at

I love the idea and the lighting of this piece, CC. The light is much like the old masters and especially Vermeer, who also worked with one window as light source. The skin and the UV map of the pullover need some love, and a backplate with a real room could enhance it. But despite that a lovely work. Thanks for posting it.

I must agree with minibus here but it still is a lovely image.

If possible will you post an update?
Then this is top row material

Thank you very much minoribus, sheepHD for your nice comments. :RocknRoll:
It was a happy surprise to me when you mention one of the great masters minoribus. Far from being able to compare this scene with one of those produced by Caravaggio my intention was to study if it was possible to set in Blender the way he treated lighting. So, the completely black background and a semi-classical theme (so far from his poetics representations).
To use just one source of light I had to considerably increase the amount of samples. The first result was not very satisfactory so I added the value of 0.05 for ambient occlusion. After that, some parts of shoe-house started to be more visible.
I’m really happy with your comments mates. :slight_smile:

And yes, that distortions on the pullover. I had to improve my workflow. When I applied the normal and displacement map it gets that strange distortion. Maybe I’m too lazy to retopo.:o

Exceptional job on this CC, I think it is one of your best. But I also agree with some of the others that you have some UV stretching issues on the sweater. I really would consider taking the time to do what is necessary to fix it. IMHO it would be well worth the extra time.

Thank you Carl,
You all are right. I’m going to retopo that sweater. It’s really sucks when it is necessary but it is the better way. When I finished it I’ll post it here again.:cool:

I think the textures are better now. I made a new uvmap with another seams, stretching was improved and I applied the texture directly on the model in texture painting mode. The baked normal map was combined with the normal map of that new texture (it was obtained through sssbumpgenerator).
As I planned from scratch only the up section of sweater received more attention.
Always learning… thanks for your opnion.
I’ll render the whole scene again.

P.S. minoribus, I loved the way you tell me to do these things.:smiley:

The scene now with “new” sewater. Thank you all.

The fixed sweater is a huge improvement, it was well worth the extra effort.

Outstanding, one of the best I’ve seen. Question, why the background to black? Adds drama but does something to the perspective by reducing the depth of the image. The old masters never went solid black even if sometimes very dark.

Thank you harley. It seems has a better looking now.:cool:
You are absolutely correct Payntr. Great point of view. I intend to continue making scenes which refer to the works of old masters with special attention to Caravaggio. Until there I’ll certainly be considering your observation.
I think it shouldn’t be so hard to scale the background with a gradient tending to dark.
Thank you.:slight_smile:

Nice work. I like the feeling it invokes.

Thank you Ryeath :smiley: