The sick girl finished short!


so i finaly finished the animation " the sick girl " and i just uploaded it,
its not the best short ever, and i am not that good at sound tracks
so here is more .

this are some scenes of the short,
it talks about a sick girl who is looking for a healing place,
the animation was inspired from a book of a german author “sigrid hunke” from her book
Allahs Sonne uberdem Abendland or "The Sun of Allah Shines over the West

everything was made in blender by the help of krita

i hope you like it
C&C are welcome
for more

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Hi Bud , looks like you put a lot of work in, kudos for the effort… the character animation is pretty good, shows you have talent,which no doubt will get better over time,regarding the overall story, I feel you do not lead the character to the next cut well enough (check out the “Sword in the Stone”… animation below… the animator uses eye movement and
strong anticipation to move the story, I would suggest you do the same also in some places your cuts are too short they do not read well one example(there are many) is when your protagonist wakes up and looks at her picture…

but like i said animation is pretty good, paceing /storytelling lets down the project.

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thank you so much for your words

you have it right, i am very bad ,at using body and eyes language so offten, i think thats why thy alawys have teams on a project .

i didnt went to college or course of animating, so this is going to take some time for me to master this thing , thats why feed back are important .

ill try to improve my next project .

thank you so much for the replay :slight_smile:

I would suggest you get your hands on Preston Blair’s book
“Cartoon Animation”

He was a ex Disney animator and his book in my view is the best on the subject.

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that sound great !!! ill check it out !!!
thanks !!

Private messaged you

all the best
Old Jack

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