The sickest game ever. (disturbing dream)

Disturbing content, not for the faint of heart!

alright, so i had this really strange dream last night…

It started out w,ith me and my friends playing a game, or at least, thats what is seamed like.
We were in this armory room, grabbing some rifles and kevlar vests and stuff, and then the elevator floor we stood on descended down to this strange place.

Around us, there were solid rock walls, with very little lights.
The walls were covered with blood, giblets and the sickest, most gruesome things you could imagine, there were tracks on the floor, reminding of whats in an oldschool goldmine and this elevator turned out to be some sort of vehicle, riding on these tracks.
There were a screen in the left corner, showing what was ahead of us, and some sort of fence on every side of this vehicle, exept for the side ahead of us.

This is were the “game” starts, this vehicle started moving forward, in a pretty high speed, and spikes erected on some places that were without fence.
My three friends shouted:
-“here we go, are you ready?!” all exited, loading their rifles and started staring ahead of us.

What happened now is something that blows my mind, ahead of us, in this strange, god awful cave, twisted creatures, cowered with blood, guts and with big gashes appeared, and we started shooting at them.
Ever played killing floor? then you know kinds how these looked, but these were worse, they looked like humanoid demons, and ive played brutal games before, but this made me question my mental health, playing this game.
as the game went on, new, even more distorted creatures, reminding of bulls mixed with monkeys, having screws drilled into their flesh and fangs, screaming loud and very disturbing.
Blood splatted all over us, gallons of blood from the creatures/demons covered us after just some minutes, and corpses got stuck on the pikes.

This was just too much for me, so i fell down on my knees, and threw up, sick of this game, and felt horrible.

My friends started shouting at me, telling me to start shooting again, since i was almost killed several times during these seconds.
after some time, i did what they said, got up, shot at everything i saw, were disgused by this sick place, the nightmare-ish cave, the blood, the giblets and this game.
A few minutes later, we reached some sort of stop, the vehicle went up to were we started, and we, covered in blood, took a deep breath, and leaved the room.
And the dream changed.

Am i the only one thinking of this as disturbing?
I mean seriusly, that was kinda sick…

And do you think this game, if someone made a game like this, could be a great hit among gore game fans?

Who the hell gave you permission to go into my room?!


Dude, what you describe is really nothing compared to a soft horror movie.

My advice, never play the game Condemned 2.

I know, im bad at describing stuff. =)
Well, in my dream, it felt worse, mostly since i was in the game, not playing it. :wink:

(I just finished F.E.A.R. 2, it ruled!! but did you know that you get raped in the end? O_O)

Didnt sound too scary or disturbing to me.

Maybe you had to be there. :confused:

But gore is not the true route to horror. Its just a cheep shortcut which only gets a shock reaction, one which people get used to pretty quick if its overused.

So are you going to try to sell us something or what?

No idea, man.
Im just saying, i had this wierd dream, and i really think it was disturbing, and i play a lot of gory games.
Like left 4 dead, killing floor, fear…
Its just strange. =)

That would almost seem like a nightmare more than a dream.

I had disturbing images in my dreams. Like the dream where I was going from room to room on an alien planet with a flight of stairs going down to get closer to the depths where people slaved away in factories deep underground while I was in this other area where I had freedom, some of the rooms were nice, but there was one flight of stairs with guts and gore scattered all over it.

I also had a dream last night where I was in this indoor complex and went past a building with the Wells Fargo label on it, on the far side of the building on the outside there was a staircase and as I went up water started coming down the steps with these brain-type things being washed down with it. The dream later rebooted and I went in the Wells Fargo building where i went up an elevator to the second floor to an office where I was able to recieve over 100 million dollars in cash providing I use it wisely and donate some of it to a good cause. After that I went with a friend who has me spend some of that money on something in a blue and black glassy chamber where 4 aliens were playing music, then I found myself in some large open air room with guard dogs and such while I had a bunch of 100 dollar bills crusted and glued together in some sort of cookie-like substance in my mouth.

The strange part is the part of the dream before I went up the steps, it almost seemed like playing the Star Wars Podracer game in an artificial environment where I directed it into a cavern like maze area before giving way to where the Wells Fargo building was, the dream suggested the Wells Fargo building and the staircase was inside Jabba the Hutt’s palace:eek:

Wow - you sure have some imagination in you dreamlike state CD! Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

Anyways, I mostly play “Ask a person below you” forum game, and so far I have no dreams about it, even though at times there is a lot of thought required,

any game u played isnt worst then THIS
if u play it u cant sleep for 3 days which will make u imagine the monsters in the game and lead to *****

Erh, i just finished F.E.A.R. 2…
its wors, WAAY wors!

Funny this thread is still going, I had another dream last night where part of it could be considered disturbing, but I can’t tell it to you here because it’s a bit politically charged.

I am as affected by violence in games even less than I am affected by violence in films, which means ‘not much at all’. I know it’s all fake, and most of the gore-fest horror films give me no reason to care at all about the gore. Most videogames do the exact same thing. Why am I able to rip monsters apart and blow off people’s legs and shit? Does it add dramatically to the game? Look at this crap, for instance:

That guy blows a dude in half with a grenade. I don’t see the point. It’s stupid. I know it’s a war game, but in the context of that specific game it’s disrespectful at best and flat out insulting at worst. It’s not just the fact that you can do something like that in the game - which I have no problem with. It’s the fact that it’s treated like something you should laugh at. They don’t give you any reason NOT to do that.

Not to mention that this supposedly more ‘realistic’ game then allows that kid to run out in the open, get fired upon POINT BLANK and survive. That’s not realism. To call it such is just shockingly stupid. The developers should be ashamed of themselves.

Sorry for it being off topic, but that vid kinda tweaked my knobs a bit.

now this is some heavy sh*t!
Killing floor is kinda gory…
However, this wierd dream was way wors that any dream, it just felt awful…

You guys don’t know the definition of “Sick”.

Those games are just “Blood’n’gore” games which have existed for years, there are FAR more
sinister and per. definition REALLY SICK games out there…so sick in fact, that I don’t even
want to mention their names here, it is THAT sick!

Please do!
Like bioshock, postal, F.E.A.R., condemed and manhunt? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the worst nightmare!

Ok, I was sitting on my dinner table about the grab something to eat when, my brother ran in and…


I woke up after that, worst and most disturbing dream of my life :frowning:

Games can’t be disturbing, or at least there aren’t any disturbing games. Toons contain much more gore. This vid is a proof of it. Don’t watch if you don’t like to see someone eating his own fingers!

I had a dream that was…a bit odd. and disturbing…
I knew a girl when I was graduating high school,…had a huge thing for her(Paige was her name)…anyway. In my dream I was supposed to meet her for coffee(this is years later). So I head off to meet her and I see this silhouette of a tree atop a hill…it’s gently swaying branches sorta sucked me to it…I didn’t walk to it, I was just kinda dolly’ed up to it cinematically any way the branches ended up being children, they had been impaled onto the limbs and some were still alive…it was very disturbing…I’m not even sure I should post this…it was terrible, just because being there…the reality of it was just awfull!..anyway, Paige(the girl)was there sitting under the tree…saying that she did it all for me…horrible.

this was of course just a dream, and has nothing to do with games.

and the statement about a game that was unrealistic…duh, it is a game, that is sorta the point.

Dont do drugs kids… :no:

Gore does not = real horror. End of story :yes:
Psychological horror is where you start to get into the real disturbing stuff, stuff that messes with your head and mind. Gore is just a shock because its something not often seen and/or ment to be seen.

What JustinBarrett described up above is good, makes you wonder about the horrors of the subconsciousness and the twisted ways our minds can work. Interesting dream :slight_smile:

Your reply to JoOngle blankly backs up his comment! - “You guys don’t know the definition of Sick”

Edit Reminds me of a rather horrific story a teacher of mine once shared with me…
She remembers waking up one night very early in the morning, like 3am, hearing her very very drunk neighbors come home, stumble into their house and continue being loud and drunk. They bashed around the house a bit mumbling, probubly still drinking and she tried her hardest to get back to sleep. After a while though she could make out what they were mumbling to each other, it went along the lines of “pull another one”, “pull it out”, and so on, over and over again, like they were asking each other to do something.
She thought nothing of it and finally got to sleep. In the morning however her neighbors woke to find themselves in pools of blood and little white fragments, theyd spent the night drunk (and probubly on drugs) pulling out each others teeth, and I mean all their teeth, one by one untill they were all out.

Thats messed up…

It’d be cool if other people shared they’re ‘horrific’ storys in this thread :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting stuff…