The Sign


This is my last october image:


Wow. :o

What is it? :wink:

I really like it. Just by showing that one man, it gives the whole image depth. Nice work. :smiley:

BTW whats that yellow light?

Is it supposed to symbolize the phrase, “Theres a light at the end of the tunnel”?

I like a lot.

Awesome work!



Couldn’t find anything you could improve on here, the man really does give it good depth.

I think this picture means that little girl from The Ring (and Ringu) succesfully took over the world.

wow, amazing image. Great work there. The one little guy really adds a lot to the scene

Wow, two images in one day that I actually want to comment on that have no crits…


(one crit i suppose, the bump map on the sign seems out of place, very very bumpy for such a large object)