The Silencer

Hey guys, just wanted to share my most recent character project.

Animation is in the plans…

Comments and critiques welcome. :slight_smile:


great job! reminds me of star wa… er… yeah, you know what :wink:
the head is a bit too big, i’d make it a little smaller.
how about a knee protection plate? since you posted that in WIP i assume you’re not done yet.
keep it up :smiley:

Excellent model!! :o

The hands are perect. The proportions looks great. The rendering is also spot on.

Only crit is the feet. They just look like they don’t fit the model. I think it’s the scale or proportions of them.


:o :o :o


Holy god i LOVED that game, you did a fantastic job of it!

AWWW DUDE! NO WAY! It’s the crusader dude! weee! he’s a bit short though, TOO AWSOME! great work


isnt it a bit hard to look tough and dangerous in hot pink? :smiley:

good model…one thing: I would tone down the spec, looks too plastic…ok maybe two :slight_smile: : Souldn’t he have a holster for the blaster?

He looks like Moltar from Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast!! :smiley:

Arotothen: change your avatar, it,s scaring me…I mean…wtf is he doing???

anyway, great model! Great modelling, I would change the color a bit…maybe more red…or blue? and as BgDM pointed out, those feet are…weird?

great job! and keep it up!

I asked the same question x… :stuck_out_tongue: very VERY friggen scary, anyway, VERY cool crusader

Very nice !

Can’t wait to see it animated.


arms are going through the shoulder plates in pic 1 no?

Thanks for the comments guys. I will definitely take those critiques into consideration. Hopfully I can post some updates soon!

@ndy, thanks I will work on that.

Weedwacker, does he really look hot pink? :frowning: I guess I’ve spent so much time looking at it I’ve became immune to the color or somthing. I will tweak the materials, they are not final anyway. Thanks.

Cativo, yes, he should have a holster, thats why he has one. 8)

Tmtechi, yes, just some minor collision to work out.

Concerning the feet:
Feet were modeled very quickly as a result of my lazyness, hopfully I can make some worthy shoes soon. :slight_smile:

Keep 'em coming!


Current character status: Final modeling tweaks and rigging, animation to follow.

wee! he still needs longer legs though…