The Silent Ocean

I’m a complete amateur, so please be nice. When I try to create an ocean, the result shows absolutely no movement no matter what I do. I clicked on the default cube, added an “ocean” modifier to it, changed several of the settings to my liking, and previewed the results. The waves did not move when I scrolled through the animation manually. So I tried applying an ocean modifier with only the default cube and its default settings, and still there was no movement.

The tutorial on the Blender Wiki has the key phrase for solving this, but it’s too vague and I can’t understand it. “Time: The time at which the ocean surface is being evaluated. To make an animated ocean, you will need to insert keyframes (RMB) and animate this time value - the speed that the time value is changing will determine the speed of the wave animation.” But keyframes aren’t inserted with the right mouse button, and how can I animate time values? What am I supposed to animate, anyway - the ocean itself, or some other object?

I need an answer quickly, as this is a rather desperate situation. The project is due in a week and two days, and there will still be a ton of work to do once I complete the ocean - plus I have other projects on top of this one.