The silly role playing thread

Okay. I have the idea of diverting this to another thread devoted for silly role-play nonsense.
Will see you there

Have fun! Enjoy your stay!

Aw heck! You beat me to it!
Okay for those who don’t know. This is something that brewed up out of a rant thread about spambots.
It was intended to be a thread stating why we hate SPAMBOTS but it went from that to everyone making comments about being a spambot to aliens from outer space. I just plain decided to continue it in another thread instead of continuing it in the one thread (then it wouldve been really off topic)

Well today I am an artist/freedom fighter… What are you up to?

“Like the fog which forms when conditions are right and disappears when they are not, so must the resistance to tyranny be.” -Louis Beam
Love and peace to the resistance.

Hmmm…I’ll stay as the robot who’s a time traveler.

Today, I am a grumpy person who is at least 85… If I were you, I would stay out of reach of my cane… :smiley:

You serious about role-playing as human characters, Pixelmass didn’t type up any rules saying what species you had to roleplay as.

I’d just as easily say I’d take the role of a Dragon (though some might think they could’ve guessed that), the difference being people wouldn’t call me crazy because I no longer believe I actually am one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bother!! My yippy dog chewed the tennis balls off the bottom of my walker, and I am stuck here. Someone call 911! :smiley: :smiley:

There are no rules as far as I know. Now if you wish to invent some, please go ahead and explain them, we would all like to know…
By the way, yappiedogs drive me crazy! I do love dogs of all kinds, yet some of them, especially the small ones who think they are much larger (as in dragons) just need to be trained. It is time comsuning yet it can still be done. Just one of the tasks of homeschooling I would suppose. A mother’s work is never done it would seem… .

Yep. Those stupid dogs are annoying. They always get into places on the Time Machine they are not allowed into!!!

Okay, come on dragon, I have a sword of magic steel. You will not survive. There is no way that your lizard-like skin can even assume to be intact after my assault. I do have skills you know.

Ahhh! Out comes my sword and my fire resistant attire. No dragon spit shall spread on me! I will see you and all of your offsprings drowned in crystal clear waters. Imagine that, all of your kin dying by my mighty hand.

Your turn…

Hehehehehe!!! Okay. Try disintegration:


Your species who you are a part of, if there is even a single predatory animal species that is still around, he gets an automatic death sentence by sword or other purposes for entertainment just for the simple crime of existing.

You who slaughtered the lions of the Middle East for entertainment, the tigers of India and China, the wolves, bears, and mountain lions throughout North America along with the alligators of its southeast, any predator whether they were reptiles or mammals. You do not stop there even, spreading your predator killing spree to the sea to create a planet where all the creatures left are herbivores.

Nature will justify its revenge on you, the human species, you may be Dragon resistant, but see the armories in that town down there, I can easily learn how to use your inventions of war and use them against you if needed, I could then cut off your armor and then you would be rendered vulnerable to my claws, jaws, and fire.

Your turn…:eyebrowlift:

We AI prefer not to kill things for sport:D

So, you think that I am human eh? Well I have news for you. I am not! I come from the middle star of what you dragons refer to as Orion’s belt in that constellation. Now before I unleash my hell-hound on you to chew your wings off in a heart-beat, please understand that I myself am a vegan. I do not eat flesh, although my hound does. He does love chewing on meaty things. So just try to fly around without wings! That should be a sight to see!


What an irony I see here as a result, you having a flesh-eating hound while you abstain from even the simplest of dairy products and eggs, what an irony for a vegan to have ownership of such a beast.

If he’s like any other dog, then maybe this bone I found on a carcass will render him unable to pursue me as he pursues the bone when I throw it, plenty of time for me to give chase from the air at an altitude higher than his jump.

waves the bone, here, doggie doggie doggie, go get it, my payback to you for wanting to kill Dragons for sport will come later.

Killing dragons is not a sport, it is an art! First you have to stalk them. Then you have to lure them. Then you have to toss out the bait. It has to just right as dragons are kind of picky. Then you sic your hell-hound on them. He will herd them back to you (chewing off their wings in the process) to where you stand with your sword of magic steel. Then you stick them right through neck and watch them squirm in their death throws. Your doggie then gets to enjoy some (dragon) self roasted flesh as he not stupid enough to go chasing after a silly bone. “Good boy” I say as he wags his tail and I stand there victorious amid the guts and gore. Yep, dragon fighting is a specialty…


Okay. Obviously an AI needs to intervene.

Well go ahead, it is your turn!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Let me see. Oh. grabs sword from pixelmass’s hands and ducktapes the dragons mouth.
there. That should solve it.

Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, mental message you have the duct tape placed in the wrong place. And you can not take my magic sword! Watch out! My puppy might be getting anxious!