The Simple Pleasures In Life

What are all those little things that you might not notice at first but always put a smile on your face?

Here’s mine.

  • Running and getting so tired you run faster…its kinda hard to explain.
  • Standing in a light drizzle of rain in a wide, open field.
  • Solving a mystery or problem that has been nagging at you for a while.
  • Dancing to your favorite music when no one’s around.
  • Swinging on a swing.
  • Taking your socks off after you’ve had them on all day.
  • Looking up at the sky just before it gets dark.
  • Itching an itch.
  • The moment right after you see your crush…when you can actually think.
  • Listening to your iPod on a chilly night, tightening your jacket around you.
  • Watching other people make jackasses out of themselves.

-Making artwork
-Selling artwork
-Going to the beach
-Staring at any Dragon pic. I run into on the internet.

-listening to/playing good music
-learning something new

Sleeping cosily in bed and listening to raging thunderstorms outside.

Going to sleep after a long day.

Eating a good meal when I’m feeling awfully hungry.

I have a lot more, but I can’t think right now…

Really good ones!
Especially the second one!

Haha, the second one was the only one I didn’t like. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • standing of a cliff, staring at the stormy seas.

  • laying down on the moist grass, staring up on the stars after an intense evening of climbing

  • seemingly being stuck while climbing, and suddently realizing a brilliant move to get further up (if anyone is following me)

  • listening to the good the bad and the ugly til 3 am

Dancing to your favorite music when no one’s around.

  • singing to your favourite music when no one’s around.
  • Finding something out you never knew before
  • The moment just after sneezing :smiley:
  • Cool nights

Ha! Ooo-eee-ooo-eee-OOO!! Wah wah WAHH! gunshot

Here’s mine:

*Listening to kids laugh
*Rain falling on the roof of my porch
*Seeing manatees in their natural habitat (too cool!)

*Eating ice cream
*Playing with little kids
*Petting my cats and dog
*Petting any cats and dogs
*Using smilies :eyebrowlift2::yes:;):cool::eek::confused::D:ba::evilgrin::eyebrowlift::(:mad::no::o:RocknRoll::rolleyes::):spin::stuck_out_tongue:

(OK I was kidding about that last one)

Um…FREE PORN…Just kidding

Arizona Iced Tea

Yah, I really like this one. At our CC state meet the other day, I thought I had nothing left, but I saw my rival about 20 yards ahead and this huge burst of adrenaline hit. I seriously felt nothing.:ba: And we won.

. Listening to “riders on the storm” while looking out the window on a clear winter night

. being outside in the frosty (and a bit icy) new morning while its crispy cold and nobody else is out, you can just listen…

.Big gulps of cold air

My son asking me to take him to buy Far Cry 2
My daughter calling me from school to ask me what “white noise” is
My little stash of dark chocolate
A cup of Constant Comment tea
Another paragraph completed on my book
My kitty wanders over and rolls on my feet (tickles!)

Ugh, you like gulps of cold air Iliketosayblah?

All it does is hurt the inside of my mouth and my lungs.

“Take Five” on headphones
Dawn on a really really cold day
Waking up with the solution for a problem
Helping people
Riding my bicycle all day
Making stuff
Seeing my wife and son at the end of a long day

This thread kind of reminds me of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.
I see treeees of greeeeen, red roses toooo,
I see them bloom for meeee and yoooooou,
And I think to myself, “what a wonderful worrrrrrld”,
And I think to myself, “what a wonderful worrrrrrld”.
clearing throat Oops, sorry. Got a little carried away.

What an excellent list.

it might hurt you because you (i think?) are a dragon?

but i like it!

Photoguy & blenditall: Thanks, makes the five minutes worth it.

Turin Turambar: You must of made up some serious time, congrats.

I like it and I can totally agree.