The Sith Update

Hey guys, I updated my Sith model, with better lighting and some fixing on the meshes here he is…

I was planning on using him in a 28 second trailer for an animated short, but the scenes take soooo long to render, my 2.8ghz single core processor cant handle it. The scenes look good in the editor, but once baked or rendered I find some errors I need to fix and I need to repeat it all over again, all in all around 10 hours of rendering has gotten me 3 seconds of wanted film. So I’m doing some fundraising for my new computer. 6 core i9 processor, with 2 nvidia sli cards ( not sure which model yet ).

The model looks pretty good, a few areas you could add some more detail.

As for rendering you want more processors, the video cards will speed up your modelling but rendering is cpu work. There is a version of luxrender that is starting to use video cards for rendering but it is still early yet.

When working it is useful to render your tests at 50% or 25% to speed up render times, so you can see what it renders like, then go full size when it all looks right.

u dont really need something that powerful… just find something with a quad core 2.4… really cheap and still pretty powerful :slight_smile:

Nope, lol, there is a reason I’m going that over the top, I want to be able to render real-time, or faster than real time in certain situations, and also, apparently you can dedicated separate processor cores for different things, so I can run 5 cores rendering, and 1 core for chatting/web browsing.

So yes I could downsize, but I’m going balls out with my new PC, especially because my current one is 10 years old.

lol… ok in that case… go for it!

So other than beefing up my processor, what did you think of the model?

it looks good :slight_smile: there are a few things i would like to point out though… first of all the lighting needs brightening up… i can see that you are going for that dark dingy look but iit will be easier to see whats going on with more light… also the boots and bottom part of the trousers look like they have to much spec on them… having said that… good job on the robe :slight_smile: did u use cloth sim? also i think that you got the proportions spot on :slight_smile:

Yes I am using the cloth sim, and yes I am going for the dark dingy look :P. And thanks for the proportion comments, because I did the model on my 10.1 inch netbook with a touchpad, no reference image, and no internet… and its my first person model. That being said I really into drawing for a while, so I like to think I know what I’m doing.

Oh and on a side note, he is fully rigged, I was planning on making an animated short with him, ( with saber duels ), I have quite a few scenes already to render, but as I said my PC is just to slow.

So any ways I could improve the model?

cool :slight_smile: well… when u get a better pc then we will see the animation :slight_smile: im looking forward to it :slight_smile: who will he be battling?

also… on your note of asking how he can be improved… i think its just personal preference from now… i like him as he is :slight_smile:

Looking pretty good so far. The legs are way too long though.

i never even saw that! my screen is to small to see the entire image at once but ye hes right… the legs are WAY to long

Well, believe it or not his legs are in fact at the perfect length, but his belt is VERY high on him, I will fix that easily… hopefully, right now actually.

Well in fact if the belt is around his waist then it’s pretty much right, it should be above the wrists. I agree that the legs are waaay too long. Unless you’re going for an unrealistic look. The legs should be about a hand longer than the arms.

Also the boots don’t fit the theme of the model, I don’t even know what material it’s supposed to be. And I agree with LoopyShand it could use more detail. A good tip also is to render with a basic background, even a dark hallway would polish your render a bit more.

Hehe I’ve never heard of real time rendering in blender, and I don’t think faster than real time is possible lol. But if you want that 6 core pc it’s going to cost a pretty penny, around $1700. And that’s i7, not i9.

Well After looking into it, turns out there is really NO reason at all to get the intel 6 core over the AMD, especially because I can get an AMD 6 core 3.2ghz for only $300! The performance difference is apparently very very small, not to mention the fact that the AMD is designed for gaming and rendering anyway!! While Intel’s was meant for more of everything. ( Which I find stupid because Intel 6 core’s are at least $1000 )

Well that isn’t completely accurate, there is a big difference in the power of the processors, the i7 hexacore being much better, the price is what gives the advantage to the AMD. According to pc mags and sites like tom’s hardware the Intel cpu is 3x the price but isn’t 3x the performance. But the i7 is definitely better (6 cores, 12 threads). I have an i5 and love it, it seems to be the best bang for your buck at the moment. Mine is oc’ed to 3.2ghz currently, and according to benchmarks the i5 competes with i7’s with gaming framerates. For rendering though the advantage goes to the i7 for the hyperthreading. Your best bet is an i7, over a hexacore AMD cpu. Although an i5 PC with a good amount of ram (6-8 gigs) would be a solid rendering machine.

Take a look at this to compare cpu’s in Blender:
The i5 is in the top ten, and costs $200 bucks. It’s a no-brainer for me.

Actually I was looking at the list and saw a Celeron in the top spot with a .01 sec rendering time, looks like some goofs have messed uploaded bad info. So that list probably isn’t credible right now. But if the AMD Sixcore rendering times are accurate then that is probably the best rendering cpu out right now for the price. If you’re looking at the list any of the rendering times under a second probably aren’t real, so start at #7 for accurate ranking.

Sorry for the long post, computers are kind of my thing :slight_smile:

Ah the infamous AMD vs Intel.

Sigh, it really depends, and it changes over time but i found this article(last page):

That said, i hear better stuff about Intel…so if i would have to buy a high end processor, i would go for Intel…

Me too I always go Intel/Nvidia. Never had a problem.

I totally agree with the Nvidia part, but seriously the pricing difference between the 6 core AMD’s and the 6 core Intel’s is stupid. There is no way that paying 4x as much is going to make even a comparable ammount of difference ( compared to pricing that is ).

I have always gone with Intel, and never really had a problem, but then again I’ve never really first hand experienced the pro’s and con’s of them compared.