The Sky Doesn't move!

In my animation I have a camera, showing nothing but the sky, spinning to create a dizzying effect. But, when I animate, looks like it doesnt move but in actuality, it’s moving with the camera. The cloud effect is a texture applied to the world. Is there anyway i can get it to move?

Hello, here’s the world settings, I hope it will help.
This uses a sky dome instead of a world tex. render the animation and the sky spins with the cam.

the maping ? preview? has to be set to real. thats strange that a preview seting would efect the texture maping of a render.

shr1k, thanks but your link doesn’t work you should refer to your file this way:

it’s clearly stated on the site. On the other hand :what’s strange with the real button?
I think that off_to_one_side didn’t want the sky to spin with camera…

the link I posted works when I click it? I"ll check it out thanks
whats strange is a button in a panel named previw changes the way a texture is maped when I render.
does this work?

It works in this case: I mean with the “world” buttons (and only).

Try to toggle between “real” and “blend” buttons and see what happens in your render … :slight_smile:

edit : the file works well and so the link …thanx.

I am way off here or confused.
what afects the maping in relation to the cam.

here are some captures with tooltips that show function of each (pressed) button (render is stated clearly here). the render differs also depending on texture map (blend or horizon) so real works when “Hori” is pressed in Map to tab.
Try experimenting with all combinations of these.

Oh, don’t expect the same results in Yafray.

Have fun.

Thanks, I’ll investigate further.
and sorry off_to_one_side for hijacking this thread I hope the questions I asked helped you out. I rarely use world tex and I learnd some stuff.

thanx guys im gonna go with the sky dome

new problem, when i put a sun into the skydome it doesnt you cant see any thing!