The Sky Island of AeroSeoul

WIP, trying to figure out what else i should add to this, environment aside


some textures are placeholders for now.

I like the image the way it is, (sort of surreal effect) , but, if you wanted, you could maybe add a planet below it, with a hole in it. I dont know, just a suggestion…
[EDIT] Sorry, this is sort of an “environment” thing, isn’t it?[/EDIT]

a few extra floating bits around the main one…perhaps with a building or two on them…i dunno

Bit of an update, made a purty BG in photoshop for it, integrated it into the scene a bit more

That is looking good, but I don’t like the tower texture that much. It seems out of place and yet to me the tower is the one of the main focal points of the render. It also could perhaps have some windows in the top structure.

yeah you’re right, the tower texture blows, i’ll have to try and fix that, damn…

Metropolis :wink:

Yeah, the tower texture is kinda off. That is really all that seems to be hurting it though.

I like the BG. Nice work.


heyyyyy… very cool this illustration.
I like the idea…

good suite :wink:

I like that you added some variety in the skyscrapers (from the first one)… perhaps some variety in their rooflines would help offset the difference of the spire tower. (Like that building in Chicago with the slanted roof… dunno what’s its name…) This will make it look more futuristic, too…? just some thots…

I really like it, now, tho! Especially the sewage pipe draining down onto whatever lies beneath… cool!

i would like to see sewage coming from the sewage pipe. Maybe add some dirty bits of garbase to make it more revolting…

I agree about the tower texture, though it’s not completely bad. I like the water coming out of one of the pipes and the background.

Reminds me of the city in the sky in Star Wars the empire strikes back.

Very good.
Maybe make some of the girders and pipes a bit bent to make it look more like it was pulled up out of the ground… if that’s what you’re aiming for.
The little bits falling off is a nice touch.

You mean the city in the Taaleran system(or however it’s spelled). Only that city didn’t look so…like an earth city :wink:

The small black bits that are falling from the island (presumebly) are very distracting and don’t look all that great to me. Also, I ahve to agree with everyone about the building textures. Don’t know what it is, but I dont like em’.

Crackin stuff, I’m always up for a city scene of any sort. Is that milk flowing from the underbelly? White gold.

i’m happy enough with it where it is, i’v changed the tower with some slick PS, (takes too long to render :P)

i’m going to stick it in Finished projects, time to move on…

okay, time to come back to this.

i friend saw the piece and has commisioned me to use it in his up-coming album, so i guess i should tidy it up and make it halfway presentable!

i wanna really polish this one, so any ideas what needs to be done to it will be greatly appreciated.

variation on the sky scraper texture would be nice, right now all the windows on all the skyscrapers are the same.

the dirt underneath is too clean and too smooth. And is that a giant snake/worm looping into it?