The Sky Island of AeroSeoul

a play on the words “aerosol”, i thought this up the other night, and came up with this:

the hardest part (but the funnest, for me) was making a nice BG in photoshop, and i’m really stoked with how it turned out.

it’s not perfect, i know but i’m done with it and its time to move on with ever bigger and ever better things:D



Nice. The white ring really balance the picture out. With them in place I no longer find the black dots distracting. Good job, this really turned out nice. Distregard my comment about the glass as well, I changed my mind.

Nice work! I really like the clouds in the background :smiley:

The BG is fantastic traitor. Excellent work.

The render seems to be off to me though. The textures look flat and not detailed enough. I know you said that you were done and time to move on, but maybe next time. :wink:


absolutely right, i wasnt that happy with the textures either. they started as temporary place holders, but i ended up just tweaking them in blender instead of starting over like i should have…

reminds me of a movie I once saw, really good movie, but anyway really great job dude, I like it :smiley:

Really cool!