The Sky! OOOHHHH! if only i could make it

hey i want to put a plane dogfight in an animation, but for this i need to make a sky. how do you do it? do you hav to model the clouds or get a back ground picture or what?

please help.

for animation, yes, you will need to have “modelled” clouds. A series of planes with alpha mapped textures should suffice, with a gradient image wrapped around a skydome.

oh gosh :frowning:

i didn’t understand a word of that…

could somebody please help explain?

Go here for a sunlit sky texture plugin

what on earth?

i downloaded the .py.dll from [email protected] and i loaded the plugin, did the hori and real thing, but all i got was a little blue tinge on my background.

doesnt make any sense to me.

i dont see how that makes clouds, or does a sky. the picture shown there is pretty impressive but i dont understand how he made it.

somebody please help?

i really want to make good clouds,

Take a look at the tutorial cog has on making a nebula. If you changed the colors, the technique might work well for making a volumetric cloud you could fly planes through.

or checkout this previous thread

could sombody please send me a .blend with a rendered image so that i can see the effect?

Press F12.


woah thanks fligh!

ive already included you in the credits for my animation project, but as i cant add you twice, ill move your name up the list!


i did the same thing as you in one of my tests, except my colours went from white to grey not transparent to grey. and i only used 1 plane.

this topic should be very very usefull to others who need help.

cog is also releasing a new tutorial on clouds soon.

ill try making the noisesize smaller and then increasing the plane size. so that it looks as though everywhere has clouds. thanks!

oh by the way, for the nebula thing, it works, but it isn’t dense enough, and if you make it denser, it starts to glow and look like plasma. the effect is interesting though.

oh wait.

a little problem

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i tried moving the camera through the planes and then rendered a little animation.

the clouds got lighter, darker, and less dense, and its all very confusing.

please help.

i want the clouds to stay constant.

It’s called Volumetric Clouds (procedural textures in a volume) and that was just to illustrate the idea. It’s up to you what you do with it. They can take quite long to render when there are 50 or so planes. That’s what Traitor was suggesting; fill your sky with volumetric clouds, the bigger the sky, the bigger and denser the plane stacks, the less those problems you describe.


with a gradient image wrapped around a skydome.

could you explain what that is?

yeah thats what i did. i filled the whole place up with those planes, but when i moved a camera with it, the whole place got lighter and darker.

also, i tried puting my areoplane model into it, but whenever it went through the cloud, it didn’t show. like this:

    • areoplane model
      _ - cloud plane

_____________ <-- plane model is supposed to continue on here, but it doesn’t show.

i just realized what the problem was.

apparently, the closer the camera is to a cloud, the darker the cloud is. so when i duplicated the planes and filled my screen with them, and then moved the camera through the planes, it kept on getting dark, light, dark, light, etc.

any help to stop this?

i still dont know how to fix the clouds from blocking out an object as well.

i still dont know how to fix the clouds from blocking out an object as well.

Isn’t that what clouds do? On the white color in the colorband that isn’t transparent, just drop the alpha a bit. For the planes going lighter and darker you might try ‘Shadeless’, ‘Traceable’ or ‘Shadow’, or combinations. Also, I’m not sure if I clicked ZTransp in that example file and it should be on.


OMG OMG OMG OMG (you didnt’ click Ztransp) but now that i have clicked ztransp WOW it looks A.W.S.O.M.E

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