The slashdot effect??

(Timothy) #1


I made a little graph of how the traffic to in the last 2 days compares with the traffic before the news (and before the slashdot post).

Comes down to about 4 times as much traffic yesterday, and almost twice as much today.


(youngbatcat) #2

and here i how it sounds, Blah blah blah blah Pechchchchceehh Boom!~
blah blah…

(ectizen) #3

Well done! :smiley: Four times is a bit less than I expected - I guess elYsiun must be fairly busy in the first place. Hmm… I wonder how different this would’ve been if it happened in the middle of the week instead of the weekend…

Any chance of an hourly graph of the day in question? Or maybe even 15-minutely for a couple of hours before and after the slashdot post? I think you’ll find a much nicer spike there :wink:

“I survived the Slashdot Effect, and all I got was this lousy bar graph.”

(Timothy) #4

well,… I got the apache logs,… but am looking for a tool to make a nice graph :slight_smile:

(acasto) #5

analog with report magic is pretty good, or magicstats does nice also

(theeth) #6

well, you could go cheapo and use Excel… :-?

kudos to your server!