The small won't eat the big

Here it is after weeks of work, the final render to illustrate my future animation reel (rendered but not composed yet).

I will also make the tutorial on muscle deformation from driven bone based on this caracter ASAP.

I hope you’ll like it.

EDIT : (2015-06-20).
I’ve pushed it to sketchfab testing PBR shading

and previously made a tutorial on how to :

You can see animation preview here :

Fantastic work, Pierrick! Your final character looks terrific, and I see you found a solution to create the strings of saliva in the mouth. I love the materials and lighting, and the atmospheric smoke really finishes off the image nicely. Outstanding work, I look forward to seeing your reel!

I wish to see a little more GI lighting, a little warm tones on shadows, some SSS, just a little more if there is any, etc etc
What I’m saying now…
Excellent work, amazing.
my *5

Hi Michalis, thanck you so much for your comment.
there is currently no sss as I wanted to render my animation on gpu (lots of frames :D)

you know, I need to find a project where I need to do the ultimate character shader. Organic shaders are so tricky to masterise.

On this one I had a strong texture that save appearance and I’ve focused on animation and muscular stuff.
as allways I was so impatient to call it done.

Thanks James for your support along the way.
saliva is dytopo mesh on the posed character with a simple glass shader :wink:

I leave my comentary on cg cookie heheh, but I will cash in for give you points here too ;)!
thanks for this inspirational work!!:smiley:

Well, if the animation is as good as the still, it should be pretty impressive. Looking forward to it!

Here is some steps of postproduction for the most curious of us.

Available on this link :!136&authkey=!ANBAx93nHWeR_14&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cgif

Kudos for the animation really nice IMHO. But, another whatever that is. You know I’m not to sure the 18 to 24 demographic hasn’t tired of 27 car wreaks and 12 explosions in the first reel. Not to mention the transformers and all that.

But, you are no doubt a talented dude. The work is just outstanding. Maybe just rethink the subject matter. With your talent who knows what could appear.


I absolutely don’t understand your first paragraph (I’m french :D) … But I’ve appreciated the second :smiley:

Excellent work on this. Awesome character!

Very good work, I love the textures.

well done! impressive work!! kudos

Thank you all for your encouraging comments :slight_smile:

astonishing work, can’t wait to see full animation

Nice animation. I wish that I could do that.

Can’t wait! This is simply awesome.

The animation work is really excellent as is the all the character model/render. The camera animation in the preview is a bit lacking and you break the 180deg rule a few times, as well as cut short/long a few shots. If you want a good recent guide take a look at the last TMNT movie. I was pleasantly surprised that even while it was produced by Michael Bay, Liebesman managed to restrain the camera to a comprehensible movement, and even the obligatory rotation around the heroes/villains was made better IMHO.

Fantastic work! I just featured it on BlenderNation:

He is happy or scared?