The Smell of Summer

Latest render:

Hey people!

I drew this quick sketch ten days ago (sorry for my bad drawing skills btw) and wanted to share the making of this render with you guys.

The idea for the project came to me while I was eating waffles with nutella with a friend. The goal for the project is not 100% photo realism since I think you sometimes have to cheat a bit and break the rules of reality to get a great render - At least that’s what I am trying to do here. I am planning on adding plenty of bump and roughness maps to the objects in the scene to get an “exaggerated realistic” and rough look.

The nutella material was a bit hard to get right, but I think I am getting close. From looking at references I found that my material was a bit too shiny and “metallic-like”, but I kinda like the way it looks right now. I still need to adjust the material to the scene while it looks a bit too dark when rendered with the other objects.

The nutella mesh for the image is made using fluid particles in Blender and the surface for the particles is generated by the ‘CubeSurfer’ addon. I am not very pleased with the result, while it is way to low quality, but my pc simply couldn’t handle any more than that. I think I will add some more details to it and just overall smooth it a bit with the sculpting tool soon.

I wanted to get into 3D photo scanning and get some realistic looking waffles, but I never really got to do that so I just sculpted them by hand instead.


It’s awesome! love to see those waffle’s materials nodes. Let me tell you my experience with your illustration just in case you find it helpful.
Didn’t understand the shape of the waffles at first, the nutella it’s blurring the contrast between both of them, so the heart disappears. The same with the book (thought it was an electronic device or similar), it’s border is too dark when you compare it with the above pages. I really like the nutella, but i confess that i saw chocolate, probably because it’s not a product very familiar to me. Any way, looking awesome so far! Hope i can be like you when i grow up! Sorry for the bad english

Thank you for the feedback. It was very helpful!

Here is the material nodes for the waffle. I made the base texture myself by mixing different images together. The ‘Dark and Bright’ textures are mixed together (With the two mix-nodes) to make the top surface of the waffle brighter than the rest of it. (Hope it makes sense).

I have rearranged some of the objects a bit and, hopefully, made the objects more recognizable.


Feedback will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

First render:

Great scene. I like that there is now more text on the page visible under the plate. The scene looks cleaner without the objects at the back of the table, but I can’t make up my mind if maybe at least the glasses should come back. Also the surface of the Nutella is possibly to rough just to the right of where the knife ends.

Thanks badgerint. I appreciate it! I feel like the scene is too empty without the other objects. However, I think the black glasses and the phone adds too much contrast to the background and steal a lot of attention.