The Smell of Summer

Hey guys!

I have been working on this project during my holiday when I have had a bit of time.
Was going for a calm scene with warm, analogous colors.
The waffles are sculpted inside blender and the chocolate/nutella was simulated using fluid particles and converted into a mesh using the CubeSurfer addon.

I’m not sure if I went too crazy with the colors and the image ended up looking messy. What do you think?

Link to wip thread:



Hi, I think it’s a nice render, nice light, post-processing etc.
However the pancakes just don’t look tasty, they look flat and hard instead of soft and fluffy. That’s my only critique but I think it has a big effect on the impression of the image.

Thank you for the feedback. - I appreciate it.
I guess you are right. It is a bit sad that I didn’t realize this myself before posting it. Oh well - you learn from your mistakes.