"The Smiling Feast"

Hello there, I’m trying to reproduce this drawing:


This is what I’ve done up to now:


With a bit of post-processing in Gimp I made also a sepia version:


I’d like to hear some suggestions about other objects/details I could add, or anything else that comes in to your mind.

For more information (and more images) please refer to this post on my blog:


… or to the specific album in my gallery:


I also plan to write a making-of/tutorial as a very small contribution to Blender online documentation.

What do you think about it?

Wow… I’m surprised no one has replied to this yet!

Very well done reproduction! The only thing I can comment on are the colors in the first image. They all seem to (baby-color isn’t right) unsaturated.

The sepia tone image could have the darker areas lightened a little bit.

Add a faint bit of wallpaper and put some flowers on the table behind them. (Because the characters themselves resemble flowers be creative with the wildlife you put in the vaze… Like hampsterhead flowersor somehting.)

Very good!

This work is amazing, the textures are detailed and precise. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to produce quality close to this. The only texture I can make a suggestion on changing is the blade of the cleaver - make it a shiny steel. Also, embed the cleaver in the floor a bit so that it doesn’t look like it’s balancing.

Fantastic work!

@ zog34:
Regarding the vegetation, I will add a sort of trompe d’oeil applying a render of a gazebo as a UV texture on the walls. A modeled flower in a vase on the table is also a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion about the colors, I will work on that.

@ ebswift:
Good point about the cleaver, I will try to correct its position and rotation; the shader is the same of the tray, but looks flat because of how it is positioned.

Thanks for your comments and for supporting me! :slight_smile:

:smiley: nice and original work. Those… #thing?# are well done, the atmosphere is pretty surrealistic.

:stuck_out_tongue: Only crit I can see so far is that I can’t find back the naive style of the original picture. But it is easily explained byt the fact that blender have to respect 3D and perspective things…

Perhaps by breaking the symmetry of the characters… adding some more random bumping on some places… breaking some parallelism etc…

:smiley: Man, if I thought I would #speeka like zee french artists one daaey…#

great work… one thing i might suggest would be for the lettuce to be more full on the platter. the leaves are too thin and repetative. thick and flared lettuce would serve this well.

also, creepy stuff man. keep it up :slight_smile: