The Smoker


This i my first post, although I’ve enjoyed visiting this site for several months. I thought it was time to take the plunge and share something. (hope I uploaded it correctly)

Here is a little background. I’m not an artist. I discovered Blender this past September and have been hooked ever since. Many thanks to the Blender community for all your help (lots and lots of reading and tutorials).

This image is my second time sculpting a face, so I’m still slowly learning the ins and outs of sculpting. I didn’t retopologize or texture paint. Having watched many Kent Trammell videos, I’m well aware of how much more there it to learn and explore.

The character is stylized. I tried to focus on mood and story (hopefully making up for some of the lack of technical knowledge). The skin is a simple material with SSS and some Glossy. I didn’t add hair either. There is a lot that could be added and refined. But I’ll save that for the next image I make.

Feel free to comment or critique. Thanks again.

Pretty great for a first post. All that time and effort paid off! So keep blendering! As for improving, just keep working on what you’re already doing. Consider expanding is all I really mean.