The Smuggler Freighter Atlantia

Ok this started off as the tutorial from betterspace but i started devolping it afterwards and iv made an interior plus the scale is ALOT smaller than on the betterspace tutorial.

The first two renders are just the exterior of the ship, the next is of the ship door opened so you can see inside, third is a shot of the inside with one of the two smuggler compartments opened, fourth is the cockpit, and last is the plama crystals that power the engine and ship.

any comments, crits, suggestions, or requests are greatly aprectiated. there are no textures yet.

Thanks in Advance


Hey, thats looking awesome! No crits so far, just keep working on the inside detail

thanks. Iv made a secret compartment that hides a rifle in the wall. Its in the cockpit. Theres one on the other side of the opening as well. Iv also been working on the inside mesh detail.


just thought id show the crystal chamber properly. Its were the plasma crystal’s energy is harnested to propel the craft.

sorry for the quick posts in sucsession but im just trying to show all that i can so i can get all the crits i can. This is turning into a very serious project for me and will probably be used as media studies coursework for my final piece in a 3d anim space movie.

Thanks in Advance.


ok iv started texturing. Iv added Scorch marks to show signs of battle.

I would really like crits on this because its a big project that will be used as coursework so i would really like input on how i could improve or change it.

Thanks in Advance


Good modelling you’ve got there.
Only real crits/suggestions are that the scorch marks seem too big, I’d suggest making more+smaller.
Also, bevelling some edges would help

ok i gave up on this becuase i realised i wouldnt be able to complete a full animation for my coursework but i was rooting through my hard-drive today and i found the model so i decided to come back to it and finish it off.

iv fully textured the interior. i would appreciate any crits anybody has. Either on the model or on the texturing.



Good modelling and textures.
However, you need to change the materials for different objects if you’re going to make renders or an animation out of this.
If it’s for the game engine then it’s perfect

thanks jake. Every single object has its own texture. some of them are slightly the same but none are exact copies. could you give me and example of which textures you meen?

I don’t mean textures that you UV map.
I mean the material settings. Ramp shaders, diffuse/specularity setting etc.
Maybe even some caustics on the plasma crystals.
You’re mdelling is good and so are your skills at making textures, but I still feel that if you wish to improve beyond the level you are at then you need to spend more time in developing materials and lighting.

ok iv been tweaking all the texture setting and i think it looks abit better than before. texturing isnt my favourite part so im not too good at it. What are caustics?

Any C+C from anyone else is appreciated:)