The Snow Queen

This is going to be my entry in Blender Guru’s Christmas competition. I think it’s finished. Constructive criticism is welcome though. If you spot some really obvious flaws it would help to know while I still have time to fix it before the deadline.

I really like what you have here. The only thing I may have done different would have been to add SSS to the snow flakes.

Good luck in the comp.

really nice work. For my opinion, you should add a little bit of depth of field and apperture on th background to focus the eye on the charactere. But it looks awesome

Thank you both. The node editor is an area of weakness for me but I’ll play around with it and see what results I get. It takes 1 and 1/2 hours for this to render at full size so it’s a slow process.

You should think about repositioning the camera so that the face of the character is along one of the golden third intersections, moving her up and to the right would work best, I think. Also, the focus effect would be really effective as well. Here’s a mockup of the changes I would suggest: