The Social networking thread!

So I thought it would be really nice if I had blender heads on my social networks. It would be great to get connect online. At first I was just thinking linkedin but why not in all of them…

I will go first…


Get adding and follow me and I will you too.

Post yours bellow so others can get in contact with you too

The amazing thing about the internet is that we, as the common people have connections throughout the world like never before. Imagine those days of telegraphic morse code when the instant communication began at it’s infancy. Nowaways, when you chat online with others, regardless of the program ie Linkined, utube, tweeter or goggle- you never can know exactly where the sun is from their point of reference, unless you are into astronomy or some other related mathematical branch.

Nice idea. Here’s what I’m up to:

Here’s my Google+ (well I hope it’s right). And of course you can find my Youtube channel there as well.

That’s great. I hope more people add their connection too

my network is in my signature :slight_smile:

Oh I think I put the wrong page down. That’s still my page but it isn’t the one with all my pics & videos on.
So here it is again:
hopefully the right one, but by all means, still like my other page (I like to be liked)