The SOFTIMAGE|XSI FTK (File Transfer Kit)

Can this be used in a XSI file import/export script?
The SOFTIMAGE|XSI FTK (File Transfer Kit) dramatically simplifies Softimage dotXSI™ file deployment. Designed to facilitate the integration of the dotXSI file format into 3rd party applications and art pipelines, the FTK provides users with tools to read and write the dotXSI file format.

This toolkit includes a wealth of resources, including libraries, header files, and source code for sample applications. The toolkit also comes with an ActiveX FTK wrapper, which exposes a subset of the FTK function library to any ActiveScripting-hosted language, such as VBScript, Perl, Python or JScript. Also included is a converter framework to simplify the creation of standalone utilities for converting dotXSI files.

It is available for download at no cost.