The Soldier and the Freedom Fighter

Hello. Here are the characters for a larger portfolio project that I’m working on. I decided to try out Renderman for Blender for this project, and it’s pretty great. I also used Zbrush and Substance Painter for this. Up next is the environment.


And here are some detail renders of the props:


Cool stuff, skin seems a little too waxy though…cool to see someone else trying Renderman, I’ve been using it for a while now, havent really done any intense texturing/bump map work…how are you able to get bump maps working with renderman? I’ve tried but only textures seem to work.

Great stuff. I love how naturalistic the characters and poses are in a world of sci-fi/fantasy overload!

I’ve also being playing with Renderman for Blender. More people should try it!

very decent, and thank god for the 1 render in 1000 that isn’t some sci-fi thing, or some oversexed fantasy babe.

5 stars ! super work.

How many time to achieve this?

You truly is artist, i give you 5 stars! thank you julsan !

Very very nice stuff…beautiful textures and render.

I would personally ally relook at the skin shader and the woman’s hairline which seem a bit too straight.
Beautiful work on the hair overall.

Thanks for the comments and critique! This project still has another phase to it so I still have lots of room to address the critiques, so please keep them coming. For the skin, is a problem with both characters or just one of the characters?

@JustWandering: Are you connecting a gray output (like resultR) into the input bump? Renderman doesn’t automatically convert RGB values to float like Cycles does. You could also try unchecking the invert T attribute of the PxrManifold2D that is connected to the PxrTexture node. The texture might just be flipped.

I second CurtYoung question…
If i can critique (your work is much better than i can do) a not small missing thing are more realistic folds and wrinkles to the clothes usually done with Marvelous or similar.

Hair looks a little Blendery, but the poses and expressions are excellent. All the props, textures and details are very well done. Great job.

I think both these characters are fantastic!

Each one tells a rich story in an instant without saying a word, well done :slight_smile: