The "Solidify" thickness crosses itself, possible to avoid that?


For a 3d print I need to add thickness on this model but it crosses itself.
Please tell me that there is a way to fix this ? :nerd_face:

One way is to tick “only rim” but you will loose volume or you can increase thickness. It’s quite complex mesh to solidify.

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ok I will try this, yes it is a very complex shape…

so i tried and no thickness only the rim, not 3d printable :flushed:

Try Meshmixer, its free.
It should handle this well as long as you don’t mind the surface on the inside to be somewhat rough.

yes smart idea, I tried but with no success…
so i’m in zbrush now trying different things…
By the way strange that there is no option to avoid self collision, it seems obvious though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Clamp Slider under Thickness Clamp sub-panel is supposed to solve that.

It might not be satisfying. Because resulting thickness could be too thin at problematic area.

Switching mode from Simple to Complex should provide a Merging Threshold that should help to simplify additional shell.

Changing Offset to 0 may also help. But there might be no magical solution.
And you could have to remodel differently, by hand, side added to give thickness.

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You are right the “clamp” works, it’s magic, but too thin for a print…
It’s a nice trick thank you :+1:
I will use it to “project” it in zbrush…

So far this bothers me most about solidify modifier. It cant properly make complex mesh. I use hollow option in slicer or the mesh mixer as said above.

Yes me too, chitubox or meshmixer, it’s fast and ready to print (with holes indeed)