The Sound p. 1: Project Gambino

I am working on something called Project Gambino. Essentially it is a digital music album that will show lyrics, images and animations to go along with a written screenplay which all will provide framing and context for a 10 Track LP.

Each song of the album correlates to a certain Act/Scene of the screenplay. I am using Blender to create the background visuals that will go along with each scene. A few of the tracks will need motion graphics, but for the most part I am working with stills.

After finishing up some more preliminary artwork and figuring out the direction I wanted to take the whole production, I am starting to work on the more crucial phases. Up first, PROPS, followed by scenes and other necessary objects to give those scenes some life. I’m thinking about designing one of these spaceships (credit: Jeff Zugale) --> VIEW HERE

Which one would you go for?


bump for comments?

Took a while reading, and looking before i understood your work.
I kinda understand what you made here.
I once hand drawn an imaginary LP Album for the band Marilion (just some school project in drawing class).
Since then i’ve made a few CD covers for small bands that i’m friend / fan of, (but those did get small local production)

I think its that kinda thing your after.

But you present it here as a ‘general’ 16:9 ratio blender render.
I think you should do something more with this drawing.
Make it part of a CD, or LP cover, put some text on it. (use square size of LP / CD, maybe use borders with text…)
Or create the whole CD paper inlet, including pages with text.
Try to find fonts that best fit you band name / and another font? / for the lyrics
Anything you see on other CD’s, make it look real (copy right by , produced by … etc, or tour dates …)

You endup with good 2D cover drawings, front, back side, inlet etc, or a good poster, or band pamflet

If you like to go on with blender you could render it again inside a CD cover.
But ending up with a rendered CD, isnt your goal i think.

I think you will find the end result very rewarding. ( i still keep that Marilion drawing that is now about 25 years old).
And i still keep the CD’s of all small bands i worked for.
My works never where based on blender (handdrawing + photos + gimp) but the idea is quite similar.