The speed of the rotation actuator

What is the speed of the simple Rotation actuator? Is there a formula I can use to work out what value I need to get a certain amount of revolutions in a certain amount of frames?


Hmmm…well, a value of 0.12 will rotate the object along that axis at about one revolution per second, or 60 frames as long as the game is designed to run at 60fps.

My guess is that its a value in radians/second.

Edit: Looks like the info I had gotten isn’t working as expected. DanZMan is correct. Setting the rotation to .12 will cause one full rotation per second.

Right, so the idea is: a value of 1.0 will rotate the object 10 degrees per logic tic. So, using that, and your settings for how many tics per second, you can figure out the rate.

Note that by default, there are 60 tics per second (changed in python by GameLogic.setLogicTicRate(int x). If you wanted 1 revolution in a second, and were using Drot, you’d use 36/60 = .6. 1 revolution in 2 seconds woudl be .3… etc.

Ok, this is confusing… So, if a value of 36 is 360 degrees per tic and a value of 1 is 10 degrees per tic, then a value of 0.12 is 1.2 degrees per tic?? If so, and assuming a standard tic rate of 60 tics per second, this would come out to 72 degrees per second (or is my thinking wrong?). However, as I said before, a DRot value of 0.12 will rotate an object 360 degrees per second (I know because I’ve tested). So, either my thinking is wrong (which is quite likely), or the conversion is not that simple (or is just plain something else).

Huh. Seems that DanZMan is correct. I’ve attached a demo blend showing this in which a dRot of .12 is applied 60 times. The result is one full 360 degree rotation.


dRotCalc.blend (33.8 KB)

So from what I can tell the formula is this:

DRot value to enter = 60*(degrees in total)\seconds\180,000