The spinning platters strike back, Hard-drives up to 20 Terabytes with plans for 50

Seagate has recently outed new products in an attempt to tell us that in the age of terabyte-scale SSD’s and M.2’s, there’s still an important place for the platter.

Moving 50 terabytes at double digit read/write speeds might be a nightmare when backup time comes, but file sizes for creative content is rising rapidly when taking into account 4K/8K resolutions and what is needed to make so many pixels look good.

Can the platters live, or is this just a small bump on the road to obsolescence?

My concern would be reliability… if I have 10TB of data on there and the drive crashes, I could potentially lose years of work. Are these for archival purposes or for every day usage?

The idea is to never have one drive. If you could purchase two or three drives the better it would be. For me surviving a huge crash was done only by having real physical backups I did once each per month. Even in the worst case backups must be taken once each Q4 or even at least once per year.

But is a totally different sense between losing days of work -or- weeks of work -or- losing everything. I have heard about people losing everything and is something that must be avoided for good. Never placing everything in one spot and not having only one copy.