The Squad, upcoming hit Indie FPS RPG Horde Survival Game (Month 3 of development)

If you are looking to branch yourself out of the world of JPEG Renders and into the world of game development, look no further. I am currently recruiting for Modelers, Animators, and Texture Artists for our in production Indie Game, The Squad. I currently have 10 artists working on this project, as well as 6 programmers. The large group environment builds a community between the artists, with the ability to share concepts and unique techniques. So lets talk about The Squad. A unique single player or up to 4 player Co-Op game, you will utilize one of four classes to defend an objective. Waves and waves of countless enemies approach as you defend as long as you can. The Squad features 4 unique skill trees, over 50 alien / human hybrid weapons, Dynamic Weather with Day and Night Cycles, and highly stylized and unique hand painted graphics. The game is as pleasing to the eye as it is fun to play. So what are we looking for here with this project?

Hard Surface or Organic modeling.
Experience in Retopo, Normal and AO baking.

Organic and Mechanic Rigging
Loop Cycles
IK Rigging
(Unity Legacy Animations or Mechanim Animations would be preferred but in no means required)

Texture Artists:
Hand Painted Texturing.
Experience with Substance Painter would be preferred but not required.
Additional Detail added using Normal maps.

Please check out our YouTube and Facebook pages below. If you have any specific questions you are more than free to email our Lead Developer directly at [email protected]

Thank you to everyone that has applied for the positions so far! Really appreciate everyone emailing the lead developer directly, it really makes things much easier for us. Just a friendly reminder that if you are planning on applying to send your portfolio in the first email, it saves us the time of going back and forth with forced conversation just to get the portfolio. Thanks again!