The standing girl...

There is the last character I’ve been working on, I hope you’ll like her!

C and C are welcome !

that looks great! Now add some hair and she’ll look even better.

Looks good. I’d raise one eyebrow a little bit and a corner of the mouth, to give the face some expression.

very impressive work
usually you can tell that people struggle in some areas of their model, but this is very smooth work indeed

that looks great.
her left i looks a little strange to me though.

the sweater clings too tight to her breasts. it should strech across i the middle. not cling like a bra. great textures

agreed on the sweater clinging to the breasts.

otherwise looking beautiful

the sweater clings too tight to her breasts.

[sexist comment]Is that even possible? The tighter the better, in my book![/sexist comment]


the work looks good!

I think the problem with the breasts is simply that there should not be so much clevage between the lower part of the breasts … there should be a “bridge” of cloth at about the nipples. As it is now (and don’t think I don’t appreciate it) it looks like the sweater is pasted to the skin between her breasts.

thats waht i meant just couldnt get the words to come out right.

WHAT HE SAID :smiley:

she is cross-eyed. or at least it looks like that

the left eye is misaligned a little.

another thing i noticed it that her nose is a little to bulbous.

Thanks a lot for these comments guys
[/quote]The left eye is misaligned a little

Her eyes are not misaligned, they were moved up along the X axis only. But there’s really a difference between left/right side through: the lower lid is higher on the right side ( It was planned: the face needs to be a bit asymetric ).
I’ll start over on new clothes ( the pull-over was from an old character) ;)…