The Star Of The Show!

Here is a B.C. Rich Warlock Electric Guitar i have been working on for the past few hours.

The thing i am displeased with is that when I made it, It was a bit to blocky around the edges. The other thing was that I was trying to make it a bit more shiny, but i couldn’t get it right. I did this in a few hours out of boredom. I might add more later, but for now it is a finished project.:RocknRoll: I’ll Post a blend If anyone wants it.

P.S. Click Images to Enlarge.

use raymirror and freshnel to shine

good , but actually you must get more care with rendering and lighting .

bevel it, subsurf it, then smooth it out. try using autosmooth too

camotech: I did use Raymirror and Fresnel, but it didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to.

3DGURU: I know, I’m not very good with rendering or lighting, I might be able to get it to look better in YafRay.

watchthis: Here is the reference pic i used:
It isn’t round, but when i put subsurf on the guitar, It gets way too rounded. Autosmooth also doesn’t help. But Is there any way to Bevel the selected edges? Whenever i push bevel, it bevels every edge on the mesh.

Please give me more C+C!

If you want to download it, You can here: