The Start of a Nebula(?)

Im not sure what this is…just been playing with particles a bit again and blender procedurals (feels so good!). Tweak this tweak that…and ehm I call it…hmm…ehm…The Birth of a Nebula :smiley:
I figure the best way to get blending again is to start bringing Elysiun back in the mix :slight_smile:
What ya think?

Looks good so far, a bit too symmetrical. Now it needs some young stars…

That would make a cool wallpaper when you finish. E-Mail it to me and I will post on my site dude. NEAT WORK!

Nice particles dude,…love that texture. How many particles is that?

Dude what kind of particles did you use? im diong a full blown solar system and that would work nicely, but not so explosive looking. if you could, reply to my post so i can get it in my email.

It looks very nice @ce. A little colour variation might look good. :slight_smile: