The State of Video Cards is Crap.

News that Nvidia has been covering up defects in their 8800 series, and possibly all other cards for the past few years has me extremely frustrated.

It is totally unacceptable that a 300-600 dollar investment should fail within 2 years time.

I use to trust Nvidia, and always have preferred them over ATI for their drivers and OpenGL support. But now my 7900 GT is failing, of which most seem to within a year because of a very common defect (though whether it’s the one the article refers to or not I’m not sure).

Of course normally if you don’t support one company, you go to their competition, in which I would gladly hand ATI/AMD money – if only they didn’t have half-ass support for OpenGL.

What to do when you have to choose between a card thats likely to fail within 2 years or a card that might not even work with the app I use the most?

I used to be a Red team guy. I had absolutely no issues with my X800 or X850xt with Blender in Linux or Windows. I then got an 8800GTs and then 8800GT. Sure…they are faster, but I have been patiently waiting for ATI to offer a card for me to be able to purchase with confidence. Based on feedback on another thread, I am feeling good about purchasing a 4850 to replace my 8800GT, just so that I don’t have to worry about it dying a sudden death.

When I was installing my X800, I had my thumb on one of the capacitors by accident. With the first push into the slot, I heard the awful sound of it breaking off the board. I called ATI and they replaced the card ASAP. I doubt that NVidia would have responded that way.

Between my friend and I, we’ve both had several Nforce 4 chipsets fail on mb’s. I also just purchased an HP laptop with an 8400 GS before the news hit the fan. Great…now I have to worry about it dying. Based on all the issues, although the performance is good, I will not be buying another nVidia based MB or graphics card.

I am very interested to see how Larabee will turn out.

What app, you mean Blender? 'cuz Blender works just fine on my ATI X1300. But yeah, I get your problem, to choose between two pieces of crap. I don’t really have any suggestions, except that ATI isn’t as bad with OpenGL as it’s cracked up to be, I mean I haven’t had any problems with OpenGL on my X1300, but I did have problems with an earlier ATI card. However, I am using old drivers (the ones that came with it) since I heard that the newer versions were worse, so if you buy one now, I dont know what to expect.

Basically you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Good luck making the right choice.

Mr. Crunchy, yes I was referring to Blender.

I’m glad to know your ATI card works for you, but it almost seems to be 50/50 as to whether ATI cards work for other people, as seen by the many posts on these forums. That makes me nervous.

Larabee looks interesting, but Intel hasn’t exactly had stellar GL support either in it’s past, and theres a lot of big names (Carmack for one) severely criticising it’s archetecture. However it would be nice if there was a new serious competitor in the market, and I hope they surprise everyone and pull it off.

My 8800GT that came with my new computer is purring like a kitty as of now and works great.

If it fails in a year, I have enough money to get a new GPU that’s even more powerful.

Never had a problem with an graphics cards, been Nvidia sinse i first started, its been the opperating system, the harddrive, the memory, the bios, the powersupply, the monitor, but never the graphics card which has had problems.

I’ve had 1 Nvidia die on me and my friend at work (whom also builds a lot of computers and is an avid gamer) has had at least two die mysteriously (I think it was a 4200 and a 6800 Ultra.) This issue with their cards and chipsets makes me really want to stay away from the Green Team.

What operating system are you using? I don’t know how true it is or if it has gotten better, but my understanding is if you use Linux to stay away from ATI because Nvidia supports Linux better. I don’t know if that situation has improved at all to not be a concern though. I’ve never had a problem with a Nvidia card dying.

I’m running Windows now, but I use to use Linux and may again in the future.

ATI support has been poor for Linux, but thats changing now that AMD opened all the specs and made a ton of documentation available. In time I think ATI’s open source drivers for Linux will be on par or better than NVidias binariy drivers. I can only hope that some of that will benefit OpenGL and maybe splash a bit over to the Windows side of things.

For now I really don’t have the money for a new card. For whatever reason Blender doesn’t have a problem with my card, so I’ll be sticking with it now. It’s just games I can’t run, and I’m worried the problem might worsen until Blender does have a problem with it.

I’ve a card with my laptop. I don’t use it for games or anything, but it does the job fine.

get a visiontek card, double lifetime warantee i believe. it’s not just the chipset, it’s the brand of the card that matters too.

Maybe just a coincidence, but my 8800GTS died after only 15 months.

That’s the funny thing my friend and I were talking about. We have never…ever had and ATI card die. We downgrade them to other machines as we upgrade and they eventually just get put on shelf or sold. Not the case with Nvidia.

I’d be interested to hear of people having ATI graphics cards die (and not due to overclocking)

Ive seen a ATI card ‘die’. it output randomly distributed horizontal/vertical solid-colour bars, parts of the display were OK, and it worked fine when twisted in the right way.

ATI cards die too!?

Someone start up their own GPU company, maybe bring Nvidia and ATI to their senses and make long lasting and more powerful cards:spin:

I had to get a brand new 8600gt replaced awhile ago because all i did was hook it up to the TV. this whole line of cards is at risk simply by doing that. I mean, to have put a feature on a video card when it is at such a risk of breaking is very shoddy…

Actually, this particular article doesn’t have to do with cards at all. The defect is in mobile chipsets only, meaning that you might have an issue if you’re using a laptop with Nvidia graphics. Otherwise, this doesn’t affect you.
and a more thorough take on the matter

Rumors of more widespread failures are precisely that… rumors, started by a reporter at the Inquirer. This doesn’t mean that it’s not true, but until we have something more concrete than mudslinging at a less-than-reputable rumor rag, it’s not really worth getting your knickers in a bunch over.


Why don’t you get right on that, CD?

my 6200 is awful :frowning:
it crashes therefore i cant play games
it also leads to blender crashes here and there
damn nvidia!

Before my Linux machine finally died on me, I had a 9800 pro card that I got when the card first came out. It chugged along for about 4 years without any issues until finally my power supply blew it out (my power supply had been acting funny for a while). I got an Nvidia 7800 agp version and my machine died a month later. If I hadn’t payed pocket change for the card I would be realy pissed. I’m still kind of pissed since I haven’t been able to use Linux as my primary desktop in a while. I used watch TV and everything on that using an ATI Tv card hat also worked perfectly right up until the end, and I have yet to find any TV app that beats the speed and quality Tvtime.

Anyway, the real kicker is that the r300 opensource driver and closed source driver were finally getting good and my card up and dies. I trust ATI’s hardware its their drivers that suck. I don’t trust Nvidia’s hadrware at all I’ve seen to many failures with their hardware, their drivers pretty decent, though even they don’t have the best track record and they don’t seem to want to support some of the exciting things that are happenng with xorg.