The Steam-Powered Skies Endure


Here’s a weekend challenge entry from a while ago. Went for a steampunk style.

BTW happy belated Canada day!!! Happy Independence Day all you Americans!! :smiley:


Amazing !!!

The propellor looks nice, but as far as the main body is concerned it looks as if you just stuck a ‘blimp shaped’ mesh in there and slapped some cylinders on top. This is mostly assumed by the fact that the meshes blur right into eachother without any sort of material/mesh/texture blend to keep it looking real. A clay render would be more helpful in determining what exactly seems wrong. As far as lighting and post, no critique.

Δε Στιμ - Πάουερντ Σκάις Εντουρ
I hope you can read this encoding. lol (in greeks) As closer as it can be.